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Movie Theaters are having a hard time drawing customers as the experience they provide is being matched in homes. Large screens and advance sounds systems becoming more affordable, they need a new way to compete and drive in customers. 3D immersive experiences are also available for home use. 4D is the next way to get the most immersive movie experience.
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Movie theaters are having a challenging time drawing in crowds.  As the technology advances and the cost of obtaining a "big" screen and "big" sound is driven down to affordable levels, theaters look to find new ways to stay relevent.  4D is the next generation of immersive movie experience.  The problem is that there are currently no open sourced chairs where movie studios could easily program a chair to provide the viewer with the most immersive experience.


4D immersive chair provide movie goers with the next generation movie experience.  Just like Apple introduced the iPhone which revelutionized how we consume the digital age. Apple created a phone with a microphone, speaker, camera, gyroscope, GPS, etc and then opened the use of these components to developers to program use cases.  The 4D immersive chair models the same premise.  It has hydrolics that allow movement, motors, gyros, fans, speakers, that any movie studio could add to the timeline of the film to engage the viewer on a 4th dimension.

User or Customer Base

The production of the chair would be prohibitive initially for consumer purchase but theaters could provide this service for a unique movie going experience.


There are currently movie theaters that provide this but due to the complexity of creating films that leverage 4D immersion they are very limited. 

Unique Value Proposition

Open-sourcing the chairs built in features and allowing movie production studios to easily add a 4D immersive timeline to the movie easily would provide additional value that can scale easily.


Concept buy-in by movie production studios and theaters would be required.

Cost Structure

The costs to develop each 4D immersive chair would range based on the feature sets that would be added.  Hydrolic movements and motors would bear the highest costs.  
Costs for movie studios to add the experience timelines to their productions would also have to be considered.


Movie goers would pay a premium to experience their movies in the 4D immersive experience.  The features that are added could generate additional revenues. 

Success Metrics

Establishing contracts for buy-in by the movie studios and theaters would reduce the risk of development.