Get started

Welcome Aboard!   Thank you for joining the Umergence Community!

This guide will help you navigate through the platform to get you started on your journey.  There are many ways to contribute to a growing community ready to help polish your idea, make investments to your campaigns, provide their services for hire, and much more!

This guide is a quick way get the most of out of Umergence, and is outlined by various roles within the community.

If you are a(n)…



Have an idea and always dreamt to bring it to life? Emerge an Idea to build your business plan and get market feedback directly from your consumers


Help others develop on their ideas.  Browse ideas to find an idea that you’re interested in and help fellow entrepreneurs


Join a team from an existing idea and help them develop it 


Have an idea ready to raise money? Emerge a Campaign


Browse Services Providers from the community to help you build on the idea         


Emerge Service for free to list your talents for hire


Emerge a Job you need filled to help to build an idea




Testing a theory or creating a prototype?  Emerge an Idea to obtain market feedback from the community


Emerge a Rewards Campaign to raise money to build a prototype to test your idea


Emerge a Service to list your talents for hire




Contribute your knowledge to help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to their ideas.  Browse Ideas or filter for tags that you may be interested in providing your expertise


Browse Campaigns to back or invest in ideas that matter to you the most


Mentor for a fee by Emerging a Service and list your expertise for hire




Browse Campaigns to find potential investments for your portfolio


Browse ideas you would be interested to help develop  


Emerge a Service to provide assistance to the community




Emerge a Campaign to create a fund for your university to help all continue all the great research within your institution


Emerge an Idea to cross pollinate and extend reach


Browse Ideas to Co-Investigate research with peers’ institutions




Emerge an Idea to outsource your Research and Development to the Crowd.  Gain market feedback directly from your consumers.


Emerge a Campaign to expand your product or services lines, create new verticals, or expand operations


Emerge a Service for free to reach new customers


Browse Service Providers to develop your perfect team


Emerge a Job to fill a role in your organization



Accelerator / Incubator

Emerge an Idea an extend your Accelerator to leverage the Wisdom from the Crowd to power your start-up companies


Emerge services that you can provide to the community


Emerge Jobs that startups in your accelerator / incubator are looking to hire for



Skilled Service Provider

Have a talent that you want share? Help people in the community by Emerging a Service with a fixed and custom price


Browse Jobs to find the perfect project to work on


Browse Ideas that you want to help develop



Professor / Scholar

Emerge an Idea to crowd source research with the community 


Emerge a Campaign to obtain follow-on money to continue developing on your research


Emerge a Service to provide your expertise to the community



Non-Profit Organization

Emerge Campaign to collect donations for 503(C) organization


Emerge a Service to extend the outreach of your organization


Emerge a Job to get help from the community to assist your organization