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What if there was a place where you can store cherished electronic things in a time capsule safety deposit box and you could specify who, when and how it can be opened based on your specifications. Time Capsule dropbox is the solution.
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There are many ways to store things these days but there are no playful platforms that could specify who, when and how these cherished things can be accessed.  Essentially a electronic safety deposit box for all your cherished electronic items.


Electronic Time Capsule is your electronic safety deposit box where you can store all your digital items.  The playful platform could house your family digital heirlooms to be unlocked by anyone that you specify and possibly a date that you specify.  A game could be created to unlock the time capsule or requirements could be set, such as completing a 4 year college program, you will have access to a bitcoin wallet key or the Etherium smart contract with access to a home.  The possiblities are endless.

User or Customer Base

Customers could be anyone who is interested in storing items for the future.  Trust companies could use this to hold electronic cryptocurrency or other valuable assets.  Business could use it for incentiving their employees through smart contracts.


There are currently many storage companies that offer storage and permisisons.  The Electronic Time Capsule would allow for specific requirements as to when, who and how it can be opened through a playful platform.  There are currently no competitors in that niche space that were found. 

Unique Value Proposition

Storage is a highly competitive space but if the existing storage comapnies which have economies of scales would be leveraged to use their storage, then create a playful user interface that could unlock it then there would be a first mover advantage. 


Some potential channels would be to contact trust companies to see if they would be interested in this kind of service for their clients.  
Soliciting to lawyers who write wills for their clients could be contacted and made aware of the service.  It could potentially provide additional services for the lawyers.

Cost Structure

This could be challenging as storing data for extended periods of time could amount to large storage costs upon creation of the electronic time capsule and it's respective requirements, there would have to be a cost for storage that is greater than the time set to store.  Fortunately, with the costs of storage decreasing there would be a savings over time.


Each client who opens a electronic time capsule could be charged a fee based on their requirements set forth by them on the time capsule.  Alternately, there could be a version where the user could store it for free but there will be a fee to open it, equal to the amount of time stored.

Success Metrics

The first success metric is to get market feedback to see if there would be interest in a electronic time capsule from the specified customer base.