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People are confronted with decisions every day. They meet cross roads where they have to make decisions based on limited information they have on hand. Too frequently the consequences of their decisions may have undesired consequences or adverse effects. Ultimately, weighing on the persons mind. Some extroverts have the ability to express their thoughts but many suppress them and live with them buried. The healthy way is to get it off your chest and from the back burner to the forefront where it can be dealt with to ultimately grow as a person. The platform would help people be healthier, grow, relinquish repressed anger and much more. A site for people to release... Confessionals. Anonymously. Release long stemmed problems to get it off your chest.
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There are many people who harbor more than they should as a result of the decisions they may have made, for better or for worse.  The worst thing a person could do is to habor these thoughts in their mind and not have an outlet.  People a faced with multitude of decisions they have to make each day, typically made with limited information at the time.  When looking at these decisions they may have felt like the person was carrying the weight of the world but in retrospect, many times people look back when they overcame and come to the realization that it was not so bad.  That is an optimal outcome.  What if the decision they made wasn't so optimal and the outcome had adverse or undesired consquences that the person never intended on.  They will harbor their thoughts and their thoughts will ultimately consume them if they don't have a place to vent.

Solution is a platform that would allow for people to vent all their skeltons that they harbor anonomously to help them deal with them and prevent repression.  The ultimate goal would be to help the person grow from their experiences.  
A person could be generalized as a sum of their actions.  The actions are less important if they were able to learn from them, then their reactions to each subsequent occurance becomes more valuable. 


User or Customer Base

The customer base is open to everybody as much or as little as they would like to share.  In time and trust is established the market base would grow.


There are currently no known direct competitors.  Although there are forums and that provide anonymity to users who pose questions.  Alternately, there are paid services like psychologists, local meetup groups and/or church groups that provide a forum for discussion but lack anonymity.

Unique Value Proposition

This is not a new concept but could serve a wide community that can be helpful.  Once the community is established and there is trust in the platform this is a unique value proposition.  The challenge is to establish the supportive community.


There could be different existing groups that could be reached out to that could complement their services.  Such as Alcoholics Anonomous (AA) after a person completes their program they are hopefully prepared for the challenges they are going to face., could for example, provide them with additional support to identify the underlying reasons as to why they turn to the bottle. 

Cost Structure

The costs to develop a Minimal Viable Product would be relatively inexpensive as there are many existing forum engines that could be modified to accomidate this type of platform.


There could be advertisements placed throughout the site to monitize on the idea.  Alternately, there could be ways to feature specific content that could be monetized.

Success Metrics

The first metric is to establish trust in the community that the anonymity would not be compromised.  
The second metric of success to foster a community that is supportive and objective.