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Would you be able to build shelter like the pioneers were able to single handedly? Or would you know how to sustain your own life through agricultural subsistence? We'll if your like most you probably wouldn't. Periodicals and magazines focus on the future but the future is uncertain and what if we had to take a few steps back? Would you know how to survive? Lost to would be a narrative that provides videos of how things were done to get us to where we are now. It also serve as a reminder of what we overcame as a society.
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Change is growing an increasing rapid pace.  Society is predicated on the experiences one has experience throughout their lifetime.  The things once learned took are taught in a single chapter of a book which may have taken decades to discover.  Most peoples understanding of their world is based on a set of norms that if those norms were not available they wouldn't know what to do.  In order to know where your going... you have to know where you have been.  The internet is full of this information but there are no narratives to put it in context. 


Lost to provides narratives to all the things that are lost in translation from generation to generation.  It serves as a mechanism to deliever a narrative to how things have been done to get to where we are today.

User or Customer Base

Anyone interested in leaving a legacy, sharing their reciepe, demostrating how they completed something, or anything imaginable so that future generations understand how they got there.


There are hundreds of ways to do provide this content.  What would set Lost to History apart is the organization of the content in a narrative.

Unique Value Proposition

The value comes from how the content is aggregated, organized and delievered in context to the reader or viewer of the content.


The site would serve as a portal back into time and provide referals for users through social media to increase the user base. 

Cost Structure

The major cost would be developing and hosting the content.  The costs could concievably become really high especially with video so exploring options to providing video content through alternate means would lower costs.


A potential revenue stream would be adding advertisements to the site.

Success Metrics

Starting with most recent generations, validating the results then working backward.