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Who would have thought that bottling water which was readily available from your tap was a viable business. We'll Poland Spring took that chance and since then, in 2016, the U.S. bottled water sales volume came to about 12.8 billion gallons. The highest volume of bottled water ever sold! Now introduced to you the Blue Ice! Only available from the purest air quality sources in the world. The ice you add to your drinks eventually melts leaving deposits of what was frozen originally. Blue Ice is the purest form of water and is a complement to your bottled water.
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The societies are becoming more health conscientious.  Organic, Non-GMO, Healthy are all terms we've heard time and time again.   Many companies have pivoted in this direction.  One area that is trailing is ice production.  Ice contains the elements in which it was originally created from its liquid form.  So even though you are drinking the most healthy drinks, once ice is introduced its contents as it melts will be introduced to your healthy drink.  The cleanest ice can only be found in the most environmentally clean areas of the world... producing it's unique blue color.  Blue Ice is not easily accessible to the masses.


What if you harvest the blue ice from the cleaniest regions in the world that are able to produce this unique ice and distribute it to the public. 

User or Customer Base

The initial customer base could be up-scale restaurants which could help them attract more health conscientious customers.  Blue Ice could be the "Perrier" of water.  Blue Ice has a very distinct look and taste that could intrigue customers.


There are no competitors to date that research has found.  However, the idea concept leverages the harvesting of Blue Ice from the only place you can find Blue Ice which are the cleaniest regions in the world.  The largest cost would be the distribution of the ice and ensuring it doesn't melt through any leg of the distribution process.  Competitors could potentially come in and create local synthetic blue ice manufacturing by simulating the environment.  Essentially the same thing that happened to Poland Spring where competitors came in and literally bottle tap water for resale. 

Unique Value Proposition

There is a first mover advantage such that if executed properly, blue ice could be coined as an exclusive thing to add to your beverage.


Channels for distribution would be tricky and would require logistics of ensuring freezing temperatures through every leg of the process to the customer.  

Cost Structure

The cost for the distribution could potentially be very high which could potentially drive up the cost for the Blue Ice the further south it would travel.


Blue Ice would be a premium product sold for a relatively high margin due to the distribution costs.

Success Metrics

The first metric of success would be to sell interests of this product to exclusive restaurants, lounges, and other high end retailers.