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How Much Cost to make an chat app using android or ios

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If you are completely starting from scratch, you would need to spend a few months on the development, given that you already have an idea what you want. You can find good developers to work as a team, or you can hire an app development company. Either way, you are looking at a good 6 to 5 figures for the entire development process. The exact cost would change depending on the experience and skill of the developers, how complex the application is, and where in the world you are.

Since you are looking to make a chat app, you could try using app clone scripts. These are prebuilt clones of platforms such as Zoom, whatsapp, telegram, skype, etc., and you can customize these clone scripts for your brand or business. If you are looking to start a business right now, the best idea would be to invest in something like a Zoom clone script. Everybody is working from home anyway and probably are going to be working from home for a while. So, a good chat app that can also act as a video conferencing solution would be a good idea.

You can also make a chat app to integrate into an existing business that you have right now, using Zoom clone scripts. They will be worth it on your wallet in the long run and would allow you to work on growing your business in the market rather than worry about the technical stuff. Most of these clones are very well built and won’t give you many bugs.

But if you are planning to invest in a Zoom clone script, make sure you choose one with multiple features. This way, your employees or users won’t have to depend on multiple platforms for communicating and carrying out tasks such as sending files, making calls, troubleshooting, etc., and the chances are that they will keep coming back to your app.Hope this helps. 

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