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First of all, good luck with your venture, starting and online food delivery business is a great idea. It’s one of the most fastest growing businesses right now and has a great scope for the coming years. It’s kind of like any new idea that comes along, at first, not everyone accepted it. People preferred going to restaurants and getting take outs. But now, a majority of the people all around the world prefer online food ordering and delivery platforms. It’s because of the convenience of course, and the wide variety of food items that are available on these platforms.

My biggest recommendation for you would be to use and uber eats clone script for your project. Building from scratch for an app like uber would be just a waste of time and resources. You can get well-built uber eats clones from companies. There are plenty of them to go around and most of them have all the features an app like uber would have. There uber eats clones are prebuilt application scripts with all the features already there. All you have to do is customize them for your business and you’re good to go. Just contact a company that makes clones for a variety of platforms because they would be well experienced with making clones and would be able to provide you with the proper technical support.

A lot of these clone scripts have similar features. Since you are a new business, it’s a good idea to look for an uber eats clone that has some new features, or if you have any ideas then ask the company to integrate that feature into the platform. And of course, provide good service. That matters to customers more than anything else.Hope this helps.

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