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Wireless Charging Base Station

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There are so many electronic devices to charge, your cellphones, headsets, watches, gaming controllers, tablets, laptops, etc.  Create a base station that could provide power to each of these devices using technology that Nikolay Tesla invented in 1897.  A single basestation that you place in the center of your house that can charge all these devices in your home.
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Nikolay Tesla's research in 1897 had confirmed that power could be wireless sent to electronic devices without the use of wires.  If you can send data through the air waves so can power.  This theory has been classified as "Inductive charging" which uses a electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects which can be used to charge batteries or run devices.  Nikolay had built a tower by the Nigara Falls where he wanted to use the power from a renewable source of power, a hydro-electric dam and distribute the power wirelessly to cities and towns.  His life's work was verified but never completed.  


A local power base station or free energy resonator could be created and sold to households.  If the average household is 1,000 square feet then there could be mutiple versions created depending on the size of the house.  This would eliminate the need for the hundreds of connectors and cables required to currently charge all your electrical devices.  All electrical devices would be charged at all times.  This would be a green initiative to make power consumption and delivery more efficient.  
When you are away from the base station, the battery would continue supplying the power until you return home or utilize another wireless charging base station let's say at work.

User or Customer Base

The local wireless power base station could be for consumer or business use.  The initial version released could cover homes or businesses that are <1,000 square feet.  The subsequent versions released could cover homes or business that are >1,000 square feet and sold at a premium.


There are currently no competitors in this space except versions that require the devices to be laying on a charging pad.  Apple has recently announced that they may be playing in this space which could be an opportunity for a buy out if executed well.

Unique Value Proposition

There is a first mover advantage in this space.  The competition may be fierce as Apple has indicated interest in creating a wireless base station in recent months but exact details have not yet been disclosed.  


Distribution channels could be retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.  Initial sales could be completed through a website and/or pre-orders could be done using a rewards campaign on Umergence.  The presales could reduce the risk of creating the product to the producer.

Cost Structure

The cost of the device would have to be affordable to the retail consumer and small business.  A fair price point could be < $200.00 considering the cost of all the cables, connectors and adapters that consumers currently have to buy.


If the device could be produced under a price point of $100.00 then the markup would be 50%.  Additional longer range or higher wattage devices could generate more revenue as they could be sold at a premium to the standard version.

Success Metrics

There are some challenges in this spaces such as regulations by the FCC on transmitting devices.  The first hurdle would be to resolve any potential requirements that the FCC has on transmitting devices and a success would be to over come the first major hurdle.  The next success metric could be running health related tests to ensure the safe use of the product.