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The Rooftopliferaft units will be complete with RECCO tracking device,whistle, lifestraw, survival handguide, mini flares, and wind proof lighter, the units can be mounted anywhere a building owner deems convenient.   Designed to save lives when disaster strikes, the sleek model has two LED light belts and resembles a large exterior light.  C02 deployed and self righting, the residential model is a 4man iba raft capable of withstanding severe weather. 

Phase one of our business model is design and manufacture the three models and bring to market.  Similar to backcountry gear,the Recco transmitter can send a beacon single allowing the raft to be tracked.  The owner will register that Recco number on our website upon purchase.  

FEMA among other organizations and municipalities need this invention on buildings We are aware the overall model will take time to implement and come to fruition; moreover, the initial objective on the table is completion of the 3 working prototypes..1 of which is well underway.  The hospitality industry desperately needs our units on the first 3 floors of every hotel built along every beach and coastline.  Rooftopliferafts Inc believes that if LEED  architects and engineers specify our system, developers and planners will evolve to permanently integrate our devices into their urban designs.  Once in production, Our mission will remain philanthropy based, thus are committed to donating units/100 sold to  coastal communities that do not have the means to obtain them.


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    Media footage shows building occupants post flood or hurricane waiting on their roofs to be rescued.  During Hurricane Harvey recently, there was 75,000 911 calls from Friday evening to monday am.  approx 24,000 people were on a roof or higher point on their property waiting for rescue when calling.   FEMA is actively seeking solutions to offset post disaster rescue costs.  Infrastructure needs an evacuation system for all occupants aside from the front door or a helicopter.

    This flood evacuation instruction is from US national flood site.....we might have added an arrow ;)

    We also supply some photo evidence of the global problem we propose assistance in solving.


    we hope you get the message but will add a few more......






    Recently awarded patent pending, The solution is a Co2 deployed liferaft system vertically mounted anywhere deemed suitable. With a residential model having 4 and 6 person option and commercial/institutional models having 10-44 occupant models.  Self righting and self inflating, the rooftopliferaft products are the worlds first urban living saving apparatus. The above initial design is what our functioning prototype has been based on, only utilizing components lending themselves from the marine industry.

    This leaves little for aesthetic and curb appeal; let alone, urban architecture. Our newer design resembles that of a sconce light shone below complete with perforated stainless steel housing and 2 LED light belts. With some minor changes to the diameter and mounting bracketry, This contemporary design has given rise to architectural components we incorporated into our raft encasements.  



    Remember, rooftopliferaft models come equipped with survival handbook, wind proof lighter, mini flare, Recco transmitter, whistle and a life straw. There are some factory upgrades that  we aspire to offer upon custom factory order later on such as different colors of casings and LED light belts.

    User or Customer Base

    Being that  40% of the world's population is within 100km's of a coastline..and  and 80% live within sixty miles of a coastline..not to mention all the large bodies of water  un accounted for.   

    Fact-one hundred and twenty three million people in America alone live directly on a coastline bordering a massive body of water.  With the earth's sea levels rising, and severe hurricanes becoming more prevelant, the need for our innovation is self evident.  We believe there are 5000 cities that will need 3000 units.

     Existing Schools, hospitals, shopping centres, homes in communities prone to flooding or near large bodies of water should incorporate our units into their maintenance and seismic upgrade cycles. New construction, developers and urban planners will embrace the forward thinking, socially responsible change, furthering progression of building envelopes worldwide.