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SkySurf.Travel ( is the easiest and most efficient website available for finding cheap flights at any given time.

Unlike other flight ticket websites, you won’t find a field where you can enter your desired destination. Instead, SkySurf.Travel displays the lowest fares to a plethora of destinations. This is done on purpose to suit the needs of travelers with limited funds. That way globetrotters can easily seek the most economical flight route. With one simple click, a comprehensive list of travel destinations will be made available for you to browse through. This is where the real fun begins because you’ll now be able to start planning your travel itinerary.

All you need to do is enter your departure city, select the dates of your trip or choose "anytime" if your dates are flexible, then click the "Explore Best Deals!" button. This will then show you the cheapest available air ticket deals. 
For example, if you want to travel for a month and visit a different city each week, just enter in your departure city, select your departure date and check the Multi-city option, then click the "Explore Best Deals" button. This will immediately pull up the best deals for you to browse through.

Our website allows you to quickly view the most economical route for travelling to a multitude of cities in the space of one trip. The website is designed for travellers to be able to pursue their dreams within their means. Simply add the itinerary you’ve created to your BookIt List. From there, you can view your entire flight path. No further steps are required. You can book and pay for all your cheap flights at once. It's that easy!

For your convenience, we’ve made numerous ticket options available to choose from. Including one-way, roundtrip, or multi-city flight tickets.

If you have any further questions about Skysurf.Travel, please feel free to contact our friendly team and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!


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Finding the most economical flight travel route to any destination(s) around the world.


SkySurf.Travel is a tool for travelers to build the most economical flight path to any destination(s) around the world, and beats any competitor round-the-world travel package deal.

User or Customer Base

Travelers seeking the most economical travel destinations.


SkySurf.Travel is a specific niche for finding the most cost-effective travel routes. There are currently no sites as SkySurf.Travel.

Unique Value Proposition

SkySurf.Travel is a tool for travelers to save money on flights. Some examples may include a traveler building a custom round-the-world travel flight itinerary to 15 countries for less than $1,500 in one trip, or traveling 17 cities in Europe for under $500 in one trip. 


Please contact me for revenue generated at the site for each flight sold. Serious inquiries only.

Success Metrics

About 50 flights sold per month. With marketing and advanced improvements, this number can increase by a great deal.  The more flights sold, the higher the revenue.