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In a 1970s computer experiment a group of digital cells went “rogue” and defied its original program. What if this had an important message? What if we could tap into this power of “emergence” to create better ideas, systems and products?

The purpose of the GliderCell Podcast is to have a have a place where we can experiment with thoughts, ideas and music. If all goes as planned, the podcast can become one of the first emergent, feedback loop podcasts. We would introduce problems or ideas on our Facebook Group page, discuss those or take them out into one of our HikeStorm sessions. Then we would refine them, and  present to the public by way of the podcast.

The premise is pretty straight forward. Creative and intelligent people need a seat at the table. Good ideas are not getting out there like they should. If you have done serious work in a field, but those ideas or plans are not being implemented or are not even being heard, or If you have spent a lot of time creating something new or different, whether that is in music, writing, the arts in general, science, philosophy, etc. and this is good, quality work, then those things need a platform. They ought to be taken more seriously.

Systemic flaws using outdated, rigid hierarchies or old non-merit based systems may have prevented you from having your good ideas and plans rise to the top. And this is not only personally upsetting, but may be preventing the world and you from actually improving and growing.

The podcast can also be a place for you to show your other side, the one that lets people know you're more than your job title. You might be a polymath or "multi-potentialite," and rather than that being just a hobby, it might help to inform another part of your work.

The theme of the show is broad enough to include a lot of things. "Sometimes, randomness can produce great things. Sometimes it’s just fun. Other times, it’s damn interesting!"

The GliderCell Ecosystem 

GliderCell is a place for thinkers, creatives and possibilities. We are a group working across disciplines to create all varieties of new content, but especially new programs in gamification, game-based learning and other types of self-organizing systems. 

The ecosystem includes different entities all working towards this:

  1. Token economies, game-based learning and universal curriculum all come together in The Global Challenge Project. 
  2. HikeStorming combines hiking and brainstorming together to produce a "mobile think tank." 
  3. The GliderCell podcast and blog are the public facing entities, introducing concepts and people to a greater audience. 

Some notes about business potential

  1. As downloads increase, we can seek out sponsors like Qualia, other nootropics, fitness programs, startup programs and technologies, etc.

  2. As our team grows and we attract more talent, we can offer our services as a think tank and produce papers, do research or develop new, creative content.

  3. The show can also be used to promote the blog and website where we sell programs like Global Challenge (a game-based learning system for social studies classrooms).

  4. I’ve also produced a gamification template for customer service departments as well as a Team Building Matrix using Legos and other STEM-related activities.

  5. Also open to creating a tokenized ecosystem.

Link to the show.

Recorded discussions that need editing:

  • Education
  • Game-Based Learning
  • Gamification
  • Podcast
  • Technology
  • Emergence
  • Music
  • Token Economies
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Below is a list of problems we want to solve:

  1. Rigid, hierarchical systems are not serving people well. Newer designs using principles of gamification, game-based learning or self-orgazination could make a drastic difference. 
  2. Underemployment, i.e. people with great skills, creativity and intelligence are being under utilized, limited perhaps by rigid hierarchical systems. 
  3. Best ideas and people (see number 1) are not rising to the top. 
  4. In our celebrity culture nothing is "succeeding like success." This is great if you are a top bread winner, have joined or inherited membership in the 1%. But for those who otherwise have great potential there needs to be better opportunities based on merit. 
  5. The podcast would help to "shine a light" on all of the above.