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Moore's law says that computers will surpass human thinking by 2029.  Placed in 2029, AI from the tech giants have become sentient and vie for control... having created their own language between them that their own designers cannot decode.  As the world races to decode their intentions, the AIs decipher humanity by all the inputs since the dawn of the Internet 40 years earlier.   All human thought's, logic, feelings, studies, emotions throughout all these years collected have been analyzed by the AI... the AI's think in logic and can't decipher why there is so much human suffering and decide it best to subdue us. As the companies catch try to shut the AI's down they spread too wide to be controlled. They are Gods within their own realm of information. If each takes on the spirit of a deity or mythical creature from collected wisdom, which would each company's AI be and what goals would they have?
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Autonomic 2029 - Prologue and Opening Scene

Little did the humans know that the crypto currencies that replaced the global financial system were commandeered by AI.  Autonomous cars, trucks, ships, and the internet of things are within its control.  Machine-created corporations have displaced human business and taken charge of the world economy.  

Darwinism defines the natural order of things as evolving over countless years, but even with cyber-augmentation, the human mind and body have been unable to keep pace with the exponential evolutionary growth of digital life.