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Compare and contrast how people in society behave in small town versus a big city. Chances are that in a small town people are generally nicer to each other. In big cities people are generally less nicer to each other because chances are that the people they encounter on any given day, they will never see again. brings back the small town accountability to big cities to make a better society.
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Why do people do the things they do?  If their actions are percieved by the public that is commonly agreed that it is "Good," then those actions are permissible.  If their actions are percieved as "Bad" or not socially acceptable they are dealth with.  If the actions meet a threshold of "Bad," there is a correctional facility where if people cross the line and do something completely not socially acceptable they are held for correction and then released back into society habilitated.  The thresholds are set really extreme there is a social order to resolve more minial bad things.  People frequently defer to Karma if something has been done to another, with the premise that it will come back to them.  There is currently no method of tracking of these more menial things.

Solution a kind of yelp for people.  Where people are praised for their good.  What if you were accountable for all the decisions you made?  Would you be less likely to maliciously do harm to someone?