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Restaurants sell menus to customers, what if when reviewing a menu you can click on a menu item and smell before you buy it. The Digital Scent Machine will transmit any scent captured and recreate it anywhere in the world.
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There are five senses that your body can recieve input, in the dawn of the digital age, we could transmit sight, sound, touch but not taste and smell.  There are devices that can capture and measure smells to then take the smells encode them and transmit them over the internet to anywhere in the world.


The Digital Scent Machine works as both a input and output where a user could connect it to a USB for transmitting and recieving power.   The user has the ability with a single click to capture the current smell within the room and the Digital Scent Machine will convert the smell digitally.  The smell could then be sent to a person of their choice where when opened the recepient would be able to smell that is recreated remotely.  

User or Customer Base

Use cases for this technology would be restaurants selling items that they prepare, vineyards could transmit the smells of their prized wines, colonges and perfume manufacturers could send samples of their products through their sites.  The machines could be used to create more immersive movies, gaming and even possibility for implement in Virtual reality.


There are some players in this space but if your like me you probably haven't heard of it yet so there is room for players in this space. 

Unique Value Proposition

Digital Scent Machine could provide another dimension for retailers, restaurants and anyone interested in sending a scent to do so electronically. 


There are many channels for distribution through retail channels like Walmart or Amazon. 

Cost Structure

The bulk of the cost would be to obtain the chemicals necessary to recreate the smells.  There already has been extensive research for the combinations of chemicals required to recreate scents so that would lower the costs to developing the machine. 


The markup on each unit sold could be sold at close to cost.  The bulk of the margins could be met based on replacement cartridges that are sold.

Success Metrics

The current baseline for some prototypes that exist are that they are able to recreate 50,000 different smells.  The next success metric would be to generate or recreate 500,000 different smells based on what was captured.