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Salt water float tanks are catching main stream attention for revitalizing the mind, body and soul but their costs are prohibitive for many consumers to afford. Meditation Centers provide these float tanks where customers could come in for an hour session to meditate in these tanks. The salt water also provides healing properties for the body.
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The dawn of the digital age has proven to be challenging for people to adapt to with all the constant notifications and new distractions everywhere you turn, it is becoming more and more overwhelming to most.  Meditation is a practice that is increasing in popularity as the onslaught of the digital age is become more prevalent.  Salt water float tanks have been proven to provide the most effective in creating the most ideal environment for meditation, however, they are cost prohibitive for most consumers.


Meditation Centers provide a means for people to rent time to use salt water float tanks for meditation.  Salt water float tanks provide the customer with complete boyancy on water, remove any sound and light that enters to provide the most optimal environment for meditation.

User or Customer Base

Single professionals who are bombarded with things to do on any given day who are looking for moments of reflection and introspection.


There are existing meditation spaces that help with developing Mantras such as Trancendental meditation and classes that are devoted to group meditation.  These salt water float tanks are not commonly available.

Unique Value Proposition

The Meditation Centers use Salt Water Float Tanks as their unique draw but additional services could be provided for multiple verticals.

Cost Structure

The cost per salt water float tank can run anywhere from $8,000 to $25,000 depending on the features.  


The main service would be to rent out the use of the Salt Water Float Tanks which would pay for the units with each use.  Additional services could be offer at the Meditation Centers to obtain additional revenue.

Success Metrics

The purchase of a single Salt Water Float Tanks then when the tank is booked for the entire business day additional tanks could be purchased to scale the demand.