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People over the age of 50 have limited experience in the digital world as it wasn't the world they grew up in. As they grow older their interest in learning new things diminish, yet they want to still keep up with their love one's lives. InterGram add on for Instagram bridges that gap where images can be sent from a mobile device directly to a digital picture frame located in an adult home where their images will appear for their loved ones to see. Alternately, images can be sent via mail or to a fax machine that prints the images directly to the adult home.
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    People above the age of 50 were not born in the digital age and many don't know how to use technology.  Most images are no longer printed on and shared they are shared through digital devices which older folks have a hard time accessing. 


    Intergram add-on for Instagram offers the ability to easily share and print images that can be sent directly to digital picture frames where love ones can see.  The picture frame automatically updates when images are sent to it.

    User or Customer Base

    Customers are busy professionals who care for their loved ones and would love to share their images or videos while on the go.  


    There are many digital picture frames available but the add-on could be added as a service.

    Unique Value Proposition

    This service could be easily cloned so moving fast and establishing contracts with adult homes in advance would be advantageous.


    Adult homes would be interested to providing this service to their communities.

    Cost Structure

    Costs of developing would be minimal.


    There are several verticals where revenue could be generated either through a fee for print and/or fax of each image.  A subscription model could be implemented for providing the capability to send to digital picture frames.

    Success Metrics

    Metrics could be to approach some adult nursing home to see if they would be interested in providing this service to their communities.  Contracts could be established so that it would reduce the risk of production.