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Subways are used by millions of travelers each day. Keeping them clean is a challenge with so many passengers. This could lead to a health hazard. A Sanitation Subway Cart could be created that houses in the car and has pressure nozzles that extend outward. Brissles could be added to the outside where tiles could be cleaned from within the station.
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Millions of people use public subways each day.  Keeping them clean has been proven to be challenging... Ask any person who frequents subways for their method of travel.  


The Sanitation Subway Cart is your inverse car wash solution.  It can be operated either on rails or on ground that could map any arched surface.  The front of the cart loads soaps, disinfectants and detergents on the interior walls and ceiling, while the middle of the cart has revolving bristles to clean the surface and the end of the cart has high pressure nozzles to wisk away all the remaining dirt. 

User or Customer Base

Travel Authorities throughout the country and the world could use this solution for keeping their subways sanitized.


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Unique Value Proposition

Contracts could be established with Transit Authorities once a proof of concept has been successfully achieved to ensure that future builds will be pre-sold.


There many Transit Authorities in the US and around the world that could use the Sanitation Subway Carts.

Cost Structure

The cost to construct the Sanitation Cart could have multiple version based on the features that would be requested by the customer.


There could be a standard cart built which has modular add-on components which could have multiple tiers.  The flagship model could have all the bells and whistles but sold at a higher premium than the baseline models.  
Additional revenue sources could be through maintainance programs of the Sanitation Subway Carts.

Success Metrics

The first hurdle would be to create a proof of concept which could be ultimately sold in pre-order to the transit authorities.